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Mike Canino, LCSW-R

        • 20 Years in Practice
        • MSW – Fordham University 1997-1999
        • BS Psychology – Fordham University 1993 – 1997
          • Member of the National Association of Social Workers

I have been coaching clients in the New York area for the past 20 years as they make positive, life-altering changes via individual, couples, family and group counseling. Through carefully guided exploration, my clients uncover behavioral patterns that keep them from the happiness they desire by learning strategies for managing stress, working through loss, creating loving, productive relationships, finding spiritual fulfillment and living more intentional, mindful lives.
I prefer to take an eclectic approach with my clients as each of them are different and will need different types of therapy. I like to challenge my clients while maintaining their trust as I provide them with honest advice.
Being a young therapist I am able to relate to young adults needs, as well as provide therapy clients can understand in a modern fashion.


Marsha Rimler, LCSW, MSW

I have been working with clients for more than 30 years. I work with school children, adults, teens, and older adults.. facing life’s challenges and tasks. I am focused on helping clients improve their daily lives, intimate relationships, work-life balance, creativity, and enjoyment. I start where you are listening and listening and working collaboratively.

Individuals, couples, and families need support and understanding which I provide while setting realistic goals which we agree to together. Building on the positives I will help you develop coping and empowering methods to enable you to increasingly enjoy your life and relationships while overcoming anxiety and depression


Zachary Katz, LMHC, MSeD in Mental Health Counseling- Hunter College

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with experience in private practice, non-profit, and school environments, it is my mission to hone in on and practice my skills as a mindful, humanistic, and integrative clinician. I am able to work with children, adolescents, families, and adults alike, to assist them in navigating the various social and ecological systems through which they exist. Beyond lines of culture, socioeconomic status, education levels, age, religion, etc., lies the universal need for empathy, compassion, therapeutic optimism, and resilience. I am committed to utilizing my knowledge of the human condition, along with a commitment to progress, in order to support my clients on the path towards acceptance, healing, and self-awareness.


Alexandria Desire, LMHC

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor that believes in creating an open environment to explore the self. I pride myself in building and learning with each client to foster a nurturing environment that makes it possible to explore their innermost conflicts. I use many clinical modalities including cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy and mindfulness. I have experience working with adolescents and adults who have experienced anxiety, depression, mood disorders, interpersonal conflicts, life stressors and change of life transitions. I am passionate about bringing therapy to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community and working with diverse populations. I have years of work with family therapy helping break down patterns of conflict to learn more adaptive ways to relate.


Leslie Ince, LMHC MEd Counseling Psychology, Howard University
MSW, Fordham University

I have been a clinician and educator for over two decades. My educational background includes graduate degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Social Work. Providing support and guidance to those in need is an essential part of my professional calling. My approach to working with clients is person-centered, guided first and foremost by unconditional positive regard and respect for the client. I have worked with varied ages and individuals from diverse backgrounds. My specialties include working with those experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, phase of life or life transition issues, spiritual concerns, women’s issues, and cultural concerns. My goal is to join you on a therapeutic journey towards healing and wellness.


Ryan McGuire, LMHC, Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

I believe that therapy is a special relationship built on trust, honesty, and the ability to create a safe space to explore those difficult areas of your life to create the desired changes you would like to see. I would like to help guide you on this authentic journey together of self-discovery, change, and growth by exploring your past experiences that have helped shaped you into the unique person you are today and navigating the road ahead to where you would like to be. We often have experiences we wish to forget of painful memories, where we did not feel like we were the author of our own stores. Let’s navigate your life’s story thus far, the narrative you’ve come to know, and work towards developing the future chapters of your life with you as the author.

I have a wide range of clinical experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with children, teens, families, adults, and couples. I utilize motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, CBT, trauma focused, and interpersonal approach to therapy. I’ve worked with depression, anxiety, trauma, impersonal conflicts, life stressors, anger issues, sever and persistent mental illness, and various mental health related issues. Change is hard and a process. As your therapist, I will challenge you from a supportive, empathic, and understanding lens to achieve the changes you would like to see in your life.


Colin Cranna, LMHC

BS in Psychology – Fordham University 2012

MA in Mental Health Counseling – Iona College 2017

For many, therapy can be an intimidating undertaking. We fear and question what we do not know or understand. Opening up to a stranger or the prospect of trying to improve but failing are tough obstacles to face. Though the process may be challenging, the rewards one can gain make it worth the effort. I’m a dedicated and compassionate therapist, who takes an empathic and non-judgmental approach with all of my clients in order to establish a trusting and safe environment. Many of my clients suffer from mood disorders, anxiety, relationship, and communication issues.  I value and recognize each client’s unique needs, and implement a personalized approach based on their goals.  Through a program steeped in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness, we’ll achieve evidence-based results together.

Canino Psychotherapy


Alfred Liotta LMHC

I pride myself as a seasoned educator, counselor, and writer. In my career as a licensed social worker and mental health counselor, I’ve counseled the families of heroes, including firefighters and police officers who were tragically killed in the line of duty. I’m also involved within the Archdiocese of New York, providing counseling services for hospital patients in addition to serving as a certified pastoral bereavement counselor. I’ve authored a book entitled, When Students Grieve: A Guide to Bereavement in Schools. Despite much of my work focusing on death and loss, I’m entirely focused on living my own life to the fullest and helping others do the same.


Aedrea Androus, LMHC

Taking the first steps towards working to improve your self-esteem, find your own voice, and exert genuine agency over your life can be overwhelming, and I understand the need to be best supported through this process. I have a background in engaging a wealth of different ages, family makeups and dynamics with depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, chronic mental health needs and interpersonal challenges. I am passionate in working with members of the LGBTQI+ community. I also provide an empathetic, strength-oriented and ratifying approach to non-traditional relationships, sex and sexuality in sessions. It can be exceptionally challenging to find affirmation as you navigate these complex issues. I look forward to continuing to encourage growth with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, utilizing an eclectic, integrative approach that is tailored to your unique needs. You deserve and are best served by being an active partner in your care! We will collaborate, working together to best help you identify and advance towards your goals.


Darlene Browning, LCSW

Seeking help for your mental health is a game-changer, a big step with big results. You deserve to be happy no matter what. If you are committed to yourself and seek a long-lasting change, I am here for you. I am in your corner and will back you up no matter what. My goal is to serve others despite their flaws or imperfections and see their true self through healing and spirituality.

I have been a Licensed Social Worker and Counselor in New York for over 20 years. I graduated from Hunter College School of Social Work in 2001 and have B.S degree in Criminal Justice. I work with individuals who have been through traumatic experiences in their lives including those who suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, trauma/abuse, LGBT issues, intimacy issues, family conflicts and substance abuse. In addition, I have deep experience working with families who have been exposed to the criminal justice system and family court child protective system. Additionally, I work extensively with caregivers and Seniors and am a Professional Life Coach. ​

​I provide psychotherapy with an eclectic, person-centered, and non-judgemental approach. I provide a safe, secure, and empathetic warm environment. I use a variety of clinical approaches including Client-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing and Psychodynamic Therapy. I look forward to working with you.


Caroline Astacio, LCSW
MSW Fordham University
Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice New York University
Member of National Association of Social Work
Member New York State Society for Clinical Social Work

I am a warm empathetic psychotherapist with 12 years’ experience working in nonprofit organizations as an administrator and a clinician. I have worked as a psychotherapist with diverse populations including older adults, persons of color, immigrants, second generation

Americans and members of the LGBTQ community. My philosophy is that individuals have the capacity to change and evolve with support and validation. My areas of experience are anxiety disorder, depression, panic disorder and life changes such as professional and personal transitions. I have an eclectic style and utilize a warm and empathetic approach. I am also familiar with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. However, I believe that the relationship one has with their therapist is the most crucial factor to effect change, regardless of the modality used. I am proficient in Spanish.


Randi L. Anderson, JD, DSW (abd’20), LCSW-R, ACSW, C-ASWCM, CSW-G, CGCM

Randi Anderson has been a social worker in New York City for almost thirty years. Before joining Brookdale on a full-time basis in 2019, Randi worked at Brookdale for ten years, as an instructor under their APS contract as well as within the geriatric care management certificate program. Before joining the Brookdale Center on May 2019, Ms. Anderson was the clinical coordinator at the New York City Bar Association’s Lawyer Assistance Program for four years. She provided short-term counseling, in- person/webinar training, curricula development, and the creation of tool kits for lawyers, judges, law students, and other legal professionals, who experience unhealthy aging, substance abuse disorders, mental health conditions, and burnout/reduced self-care/vicarious trauma. She also was an adjunct instructor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, teaching most of the gerontology classes and other human services courses. Randi also was an adjunct instructor and faculty advisor at the Silberman School of Social Work, and Columbia University of Social Work.

Randi has extensive experience in addressing work/life balance, substance and alcohol abuse, anxiety, job burnout, promoting good mental health, as well as addressing issues of trauma, caregiving, and issues around loss and grief. Her strengths include working well with diverse communities, including professionals, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, immigrants, people with developmental disabilities or mental health diagnoses, high profile clients, and families struggling with extensive caregiving needs. She has published several articles and webinars relating to her work with traumatized clients within the legal community.

Randi has a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School, a Master’s Degree from the Silberman School of Social Work, and she will complete the final requirements to obtain a Doctorate in social work from Walden University in 2020.


Adah Schlectman, LMHC

MA – John Jay College of Criminal Justice

I believe in the journey on which psychotherapy takes both the client and the psychotherapist. No matter how complicated things may feel, I am prepared to walk this path with you. I have a personal and professional mission to enhance the lives of individuals and couples in need of support. With over sixteen years of experience, I have had the privilege of working with adults, and couples and have had success treating a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties and adjustment to life’s changes. Ultimately, psychotherapy can give you control over yourself and your future choices. No longer constrained by your past, you are free.


Cathy Lipper, LCSW

MA from University of Chicago

We are living in difficult times and I see how people are struggling, financially, emotionally, and socially. In addition to our usual concerns like depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and economic hardship, the extra level of angst attributable to the pandemic and subsequent job- related issues makes everything so much more challenging. During my 30+ years of providing psychotherapy, I have learned that it is never too early or too late to ask for help. I have worked with clients ranging from ages 3 to 90, and worked with them individually, as couples, and in families.

My graduate and postgraduate training have included psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and structural family therapy, but the main principles that direct my work and complement my style most closely are Kohut’s self-psychology. This approach includes establishing a solid working partnership to help my clients reach their goals by listening and responding to what they say explicitly and implicitly. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see how I can help, and how our work together can bring you closer to your goals.


Yi Jin G Lim, LMHC

MA from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

I am a licensed mental health counselor with experience providing individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy to teens, adults, and older individuals, I work with all differing racial, ethnic, gender identities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic statuses. Within a safe, nurturing environment, we work to manage trauma-related stressors, depression, anxiety, grief, life transition difficulties, relationship issues, sexual dysfunction and deviancy, emotional dysregulation, impulsive / compulsive behaviors, and addiction. I believe every client is unique and deserves to have a compassionate and empowering experience where they feel heard and understood. I use various methods to meet the needs of each client such as strength-based approaches, trauma-informed care, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and psycho-education. I look forward to working together with you towards a purposeful and meaningful life.


Ralph M. Ferraro, LCSW-R

MSW from Fordham University, Lincoln Center

Advanced Certificate in Clinical Social Work (2 years post masters) from NYU

Fellow NYS Society of Clinical Social Work

I have over 4 decades in helping people with mental health, addiction, relationship and life issues. I start with where people are and help them remove obstacles — learned patterns from the past — that prevent them from achieving their goals. In order to have people overcome grief, trauma, and difficult emotions, I employ an eastern approach to therapy which includes energy fields, like thinking, feeling, and spirit source.  My goal is to help people find their true selves and have that radiate in their life, so they can pursue their happiness, their life mission.


Crystal Angerville LMHC

MA- John Jay College of Criminal Justice

As a clinician, my philosophy has always been to meet my patients wherever they are at. If you are not sure where to begin well that’s ok! I believe in working collaboratively in exploring possible answers to whatever difficulties your experiencing.

I have a background in treating individuals, with serious mental illness, substance use disorders, domestic violence issues and personality disorders using methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

My goal is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable and free from judgment. Deciding to begin therapy is a big decision but, does not have to be a scary one. If you think you would like to meet to talk further please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

David Croft-Ogawa, LMHC

BS Psychology – University of Florida  1988
MA Counseling – New York University  2000
Member – American Counseling Association

For many years I have had the privilege of working with many people of all ages and from a wide diversity of ethnicities and cultures. My experience includes working with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, domestic violence, LGBTQ, and substance abuse. I value people as multidimensional individuals and help them to explore areas of strengths they can draw upon in the therapeutic process. My personal approach to therapy is a holistic person-centered, eclectic approach with an emphasis on mindfulness and overall wellness. In working with my clients together we attend to the mind, body and spirit as I believe that these dimensions of human beings are interconnected. This is a journey that we will take together in an atmosphere of trust, respect and safety.

Danielle Diegue, LMHC

MA – John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Prior to working with Canino Psychotherapy, I worked at a mental health clinic. There, I found myself working with a large array of clients with persistent mental health diagnosis. The objective was to assist clients in developing the necessary skills and support required for them to integrate into their communities and achieve their goals. This outpatient facility allotted me the opportunity to work with adult clients that struggled with diagnosis that ranged from severe depression to schizophrenia to substance abuse disorders. This facility also provided me with experience working with people of different races, sexual orientations, religions, and socioeconomic statuses. I believe therapy isn’t only for those who have a mental health diagnosis. I believe therapy is a great way to sort through life’s everyday stressors. I make it my mission to create a safe space for clients of all walks of life to discuss their traumas, explore new coping skills, and examine their barriers and boundaries in order to achieve their goals.

Canino Psychotherapy


Eli Shlomovich, LCSW-R

I  have been a psychotherapist for 15 years and have helped individuals from diverse backgrounds, who have struggled with various circumstances. I believe that therapy is a unique and special relationship that is built on trust, understanding, honesty and compassion.

My approach is collaborative but allows you to set the pace and determine the path of your work. I help people struggling with depression, social anxiety, low self-worth/esteem, obsessions and compulsions, relationship/marital issues, trauma, and confidence issues, among others.

I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which helps you apply various techniques to better understand yourself and develop the insight and strength to overcome the obstacles you are dealing with. I strive to make this experience rewarding, engaging, comfortable, and even fun! I welcome the privilege to work with you and help you attain a life of happiness and stability.

Canino Psychotherapy


Michelle Lev, LMHC

BS-Psychology-Touro College 2013

MA – Clinical Mental Health Counseling -Brooklyn College 2015

Member-American Counseling Association

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
― Brené Brown

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York State. I have experience providing therapy to children, adolescents and adults and helping them through all types of mental health issues such as ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia, Selective Mutism, Life transitions, interpersonal challenges, family conflict, and substance use. I also have experience working with families in the justice system to help resolve family conflict and create a change for the better.I believe in the effectiveness of Psychodynamic talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, and mindfulness techniques to help clients work through the challenges in their lives.  To make the most of therapy, I believe a client must feel safe, not judged, and related to in a professional and personable way. Our therapy will be specific to your goals, and collaborative in nature. I look forward to working with you!


Sophia Hunter, LCSW

MSW – Fordham University -1994

BA Psychology – Queens College

As a therapist I have seen people get so disrupted by things that happen in life. Throughout life there are speed bumps, some are worse than others. You don’t have to become unhinged when going over them. I have treated a large variety of disorders, and I help my clients express themselves by using a nonjudgmental approach. Drawing upon my experience as a creative person and a therapist I help clients work through their issues with creative expression. I support their processing emotions in a nonthreatening way. Thus they are able to experience themselves in a new light. I also integrate evidence-based approaches to help clients through this process. I treat individuals, children, family, and couples dealing with a variety of disorders.



Nick Santo LCSW-R

Senior Associate

          • 11 Years in Practice
          • MSW – Fordham University 2008
          • Adjunct Professor at Fordham University
          • Doctorate of Clinical Social Work Candidate (DSW) – NYU
Deciding to take this step into self-care can be both rewarding and anxiety-provoking. Moving forward with counseling will help build confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve mood while affirming you are not alone. Seeking assistance in life struggles can be your greatest strength toward a fulfilling, and successful life.
I have had experience working with relationship issues, loss and grief, anxiety, and depression with adolescents and adults. I also work with the LGBT community working through issues of coming out and transitions. I provide a non-judgmental, comfortable and professional experience to a safe environment.



Gail Giunta

Master’s in Counseling with Expressive Arts concentration, Ottawa University
MA in Education, Adelphi University
BFA in Visual and Performing Arts, Adelphi University


Gail Giunta, received her MA in Counseling from Ottawa University; and is a Mental Health Counselor-Limited Permit holder. Gail has a background in the Visual and Performing Arts, and Education, and was an art teacher. Her passion for creativity and helping others led Gail to study Expressive Arts therapy and utilize the arts in a traditional therapeutic session when appropriate, for interested clients who desire to explore transformation through art. No art experience is necessary for therapeutic arts. Gail also combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), mindfulness and positive psychology in order to help individuals, couples, family, adolescents, and children find their inner voice, to be heard and seen, and validated, as well as grow and learn to achieve goals towards balance and better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being.


401c43a5-9e44-4996-ad79-7797df77f41bzoomMatthew Yetsko, LCSW-R

        • 8 Years in Practice
        • Columbia University 2012

I utilize multiple treatment approaches in my therapy work including aspects of adaptive behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and mindfulness. I specialize in working with clients experiencing a wide-range of issues including social anxiety, relationship issues, performance anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, general anxiety, chronic stress, eating disorders, and depression. I work with clients to help them learn to effectively manage distress before it reaches a point of leaving you feeling overwhelmed while also helping you learn the origin and historical context of your distress. I utilize neuroscience information to help clients understand how their brain reacts and creates responses to stressors. I view anxiety symptoms not as a mental illness or something wrong with you, but rather as an adaptation developed as a reaction to stress and life experiences. Tools are individually created to change reactions to triggers and create new behaviors. Don’t just talk in therapy – do something different.


Franky Jordan, LMSW

I want you to know it is perfectly normal to feel nervous, doubtful or even both if this is your first time seeking therapy.  It’s my responsibility as the therapist to set you at ease.  Empathy and my ability to connect with others are my strongest qualities, and they serve as a firm foundation for the work I engage in with clients.  My goal is to problem solve, increase self-awareness, address negative thinking habits and behaviors, and aid in whatever other ways my clients hope to improve their mental well-being.  You can be assured that I will work hard to help you manage whatever stress has brought you into our office.  There are a variety of modalities that therapists can choose to work within, and I will be drawing from all of them to find the strategies which are the best fit in your life.  Regarding experience, I have worked with adults, adolescents and families.  Issues including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship troubles and personal unfulfillment are all topics I am confident guiding a client through.


Benjamin Lane, LMSW

MSW – New York University

BA Psychology – Marymount Manhattan

Member of the National Association of Social Workers

I am a licensed masters level social worker and my method of practice has been informed by a person centered, strengths based approach. I am open-minded and intellectually curious, constantly striving to improve my knowledge and therapeutic effectiveness. I view therapy as a collaborative relationship between a therapist and client and that to be truly seen and heard is paramount to the formation of the therapeutic alliance. I specialize in working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, work related stress, as well as dating and relationship issues.

In session, I utilize an integrative approach to psychotherapy that includes mindfulness, psychodynamic, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral approaches to enhance clients’ awareness of deeply embedded patterns and beliefs.

I have worked with a wide range of populations including current and former service members, first responders, and members of the general population admitted to inpatient acute physical rehabilitation with serious physical or medical complications.


Ariel Stevens, LMSW

MSW- Fordham University

“If you want to increase the quality of your life, start by increasing the quality of your thoughts.”
― Akiroq Brost

This sums up my passion to help others create the best mindset to live their best lives, despite the obstacles that may be in the way. My experience practicing as an LMSW in the field has consisted of utilizing various methods such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Supportive Psychotherapy, Strengths Perspective, and a Person-Centered Approach. I have mainly worked with adults, children, individuals, and groups through different challenges including stress, self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, symptoms of other mental health diagnoses, and intellectual developmental disabilities. My passion for helping others to learn useful coping mechanisms and empowering strategies has also been influenced by my knowledge and belief in positive psychology; reframing all negative connotations surrounding a person and utilizing their strengths, skills, and interests to help them heal and succeed. I seek to provide my clients with not only support through their struggles, but empathy and compassion that educates and motivates them to be the best version of themselves.


Heather Luboff, LCSW

MSW – Hunter College 2014

Hello! Deciding to take this step into self-care can be both rewarding & overwhelming and I want to acknowledge that.  I believe mental wellness is for everyone and I’m glad you’re here! You are worthy of healing and feeling empowered.

My approach is individualized & non-judgmental, and I implement holistic practices to support a more balanced connection between the mind and the body.  I focus primarily on the therapeutic relationship, investing time and energy into getting to know you, and through collaborative exploration, we can begin to uncover underlying emotional & behavioral patterns that could be keeping you from your fullest potential and happiness.

We can explore strategies for managing stress, establishing healthy boundaries, working through loss, creating loving & conscious relationships and living a more mindful life.  I have experience working with adults, adolescents, families and couples, and specialize in work with folx in the LGBTQ community.

Moving forward with counseling can help build confidence, reduce anxiety, improve your mood and contribute to reassuring your sense of belonging. If you think we may be a good fit or are interested to talk further, please connect. I look forward to hearing from you.


Melisa Celikoyar, LMSW

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”
– Carl Rogers

          • MSW – Hunter College 2012-2014
          • BA Psychology – Stony Brook University 2011
          •   Member of the National Association of Social Workers

Making the decision to seek the guidance and support you need in achieving your optimal happiness is a big step! It is a privilege to join you on this journey, and I look forward to being an active participant in the process of change.

As a Licensed Psychotherapist, I have worked in various settings, which include school, medical, community, and nonprofit based. I have worked with children, youth, and families of all ages experiencing different life stressors, distorted thought patterns, and emotional dysregulation.

Areas of Expertise: I specialize in issues related to anxiety, depression, loss, chronic medical diagnosis, relationships, parenting, children, families, and young adults.

My style is warm, friendly, accepting and goal oriented. I thrive at creating a safe and nonjudgmental space, one where you can feel comfortable and at ease. I draw upon different therapy modality styles; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Psycho-Education, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and overall, implementing Trauma Informed Care.

My career has been driven by an enormous curiosity about human behavior, a profound interest in helping people, and a deep well of compassion and empathy.My passion is my inspiration, and hopefully yours as well.


Chris Lane, LCSW

          • MSW- Columbia University 2017
          • BA Human Development – California State University, Long Beach 2013

Life can be very hard at times. I enjoy working with people to help ease and manage those hard times. In therapy, I aim to provide a space that is warm, non-judgmental, collaborative, and a space that can be trusted. I am trained in different types of therapies which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Problem-Solving Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, Play Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Informed Treatment. However, I believe that each person is different and therefore I tend to use an eclectic approach to therapy and pull from a wide range of modalities that can support you. My work has given me the opportunity to help children, adolescents, couples, and adults better manage and cope with anxiety, depression, trauma related conflict, love and loss, substance use and misuse, relationship issues, and other areas that have made life hard at times. In addition, I have worked alongside many cultures and communities that are often underserved and underrepresented such as the LGBTQ+ community. I look forward to working alongside you.


Nancy Adlman LCSW-R

I have been a clinical social worker and psychotherapist for 30 years. I have post-masters training family and couples Therapy and doctoral coursework from Wurzweilwe School of Social Work. I have been a supervisor, administrator, adjunct professor, and community organizer. I have also worked with many clients in the performing and creative arts area. This resonates with my own passion for the arts.

I believe in truly being in there with the client to retrieve aspects of self that may have been lost or split off and to reclaim and retrieve these places where the healing and transformational process can take place. I have an eclectic approach with each client from psychodynamic to gestalt or systems approaches but also believe in empowering vision of the whole person using an integrative approach to therapy where mindfulness another stress-reducing techniques can be quite effective and life-altering for wholeness and balance for each clients unique journey.


Elizabeth Bauman
          • MSW- Fordham University 2015-2017
          • BA Political Science- College of Charleston 2012
          • Member of the National Association of Social Workers
As a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State, I have a background and focus in childhood, adolescent and adulthood trauma. I specialize in issues related to depression, anxiety, and other stress disorders. As well as, addiction to alcohol and drugs. I have experience working with grief, loss, chronic mental health diagnosis and emotional dysregulation.

As a therapist, I am open-minded, kind, motivating and sincere. I believe that my education, experience in the field, creativity and sense of humor make my approach to counseling individualized and realistic. I utilize different modalities through a trauma informed lens, ranging from, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psycho-Education and Motivation Interviewing.

In my work, I am dedicated to supporting people on their journey with self-care. I believe that healing is a collaborative effort that is possible through honest dialogue, trauma informed methodology, and a judgment-free environment.


Michelle Grant Tate LCSW
15 Years in Practice
MSW – Hunter College School of Social Work – 2005

My practice of psychotherapy begins with the individual, and their unique strengths, life experiences and challenges. I believe that change is always possible, and my job is to guide my clients in the process of self-discovery.

I have worked with individuals, couples, families and groups, using cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic and humanistic therapy approaches.

Before joining Canino Psychotherapy Practice, I was a psychiatric social worker and case manager for various social work agencies where I learned to be an empathic listener and strong advocate for my clients. The client population I served included clients struggling with mental health issues, addictions, serious medical illness and physical and intellectual disability. I have extensive experience working with at-risk older adults and supporting their family and caregivers. I have also helped those with mood disorders, relationship problems and other problems of everyday life.


Robert Rabin
BS in Psychology- Brooklyn College 2019
MA in Mental Health Counseling- LIU Brooklyn Expected Graduation June 2022

I am a graduate student currently working towards my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at LIU Brooklyn. I am capable of working with people of all ages. I am comfortable working with clients with a wide range of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I believe that nothing is more important than a client’s trust in his therapist. I can provide clients with a safe space in which issues can be explored together to reach a place of greater empowerment. I am particularly passionate about helping members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am truly passionate about this work and helping people retrieve the parts of themselves which will help them reach their highest potential.


Staten Island Offices

Statin Island team bios and pictures here:


Mike Canino, LCSW-R

        • 20 Years in Practice
        • MSW – Fordham University 1997-1999
        • BS Psychology – Fordham University 1993 – 1997
        • Member of the National Association of Social Workers

I have been coaching clients in the New York area for the past 12 years as they make positive, life-altering changes via individual, couples, family and group counseling. Through carefully guided exploration, my clients uncover behavioral patterns that keep them from the happiness they desire by learning strategies for managing stress, working through loss, creating loving, productive relationships, finding spiritual fulfillment and living more intentional, mindful lives.
I prefer to take an ecletic approach with my clients as each of them are different and will need different types of therapy. I like to challenge my clients while maintaining their trust as I provide them with honest advice.
Being a young therapist I am able to relate to young adults needs, as well as provide therapy clients can understand in a modern fashion.



Richard Rivera LCSW-R

        • 14 Years in Practice
        • New York University 2005
Tired of being angry, anxious, and, depressed? Then let me help you change those negative thoughts and feelings and to live a positive and fulfilling life.
I specialize in being in touch with my client’s needs and take an approach that the client’s individual expriences are unique.
My maturity and experience in life assists me to better understand my clients and their needs.” My preferred method of contact is a phone. I find emails to be very impersonal and would rather speak directly with you.



Screenshot 2014-12-08 16.46.13Gladys Morrar LCSW
          • New York University, Master’s in Social Work
          • Pace University, New York (Bachelor’s)

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Through carefully guided exploration, our clients uncover behavioral patterns that keep them from the happiness they desire by learning strategies for managing stress, working through loss, creating loving, productive relationships, finding spiritual fulfillment and living more intentional, mindful lives. We prefer to take an eclectic approach with our clients as each of them are different and will need different types of therapy. We like to challenge our clients while maintaining their trust as we provide them with honest advice.


paulinePauline Ahrens, LMSW
MSW Fordham University 1994
I am a Licensed Master of Social Work as well as a Licensed School Social Worker.  My experience for the past 29 years has been working predominantly with adolescents and families.  I employ a problem solving approach to all my work.  Being in the education field has taught me that there are many solutions to difficult situations.  Working together, we can effectively find your path to change and wellness.



Picture of Dan KolberDan Kolber LCSW

I try to help clients empower themselves and achieve greater happiness in their lives. I will aid clients in reaching their life goals. I like to utilize a cognitive behavioral oriented style of therapy. I will also take a psychoanalytic approach as needed in terms of aiding the client w/specific areas of problem solving in their lives.




dlkfsjAnita Aasen LCSW

26 years in Practice

MSW – Fordham University 1986

I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years experience.  My style is person centered and easy going.  Every person walks a unique path with unique challenges.  I approach therapy as a chance to find lessons in difficulties and hidden strengths to be discovered and acknowledged.  I’ve been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and in mindfulness.  Specialities include low self esteem, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress.  I have worked with adults, children and teenagers.